Citadel goes international as the ‘t-shirt of Mauritius‘.

Citadel ‘the t-shirt of Mauritius’ has the vision to be the most friendly brand of Mauritius for all who are Mauritians, by birth or by love emanating from the affectionate bond that unfolds the spirit of connectedness that Mauritius nurtures with citizens of the world. Citadel resonates with the hearts of both Mauritians and foreigners. It is created exclusively by local talent.

 Besides Mauritius, the brand has traveled to faraway places like Corsica, where it is enjoying success similar to that in Mauritius. Citadel is widely reckoned as a brand which reflects the friendly image of the island of Mauritius.

The Citadel logo has a dual meaning. On


one hand, it is based on the Chinese symbol representing people, and on the other, it depicts the Pieter Both mountain peak which is now the icon of Mauritius. Its tagline “Yes… Mauritius’ conveys the warm and affectionate feelings of Mauritius.



Citadel enjoys high success with tourists due to its innovative designs and high quality. The company has tied up with partners in different international locations, where the brand is being used on a customised mode. Citadel is exporting to market destinations like London, Paris, Corsica, Switzerland, South Africa, Mayotte and Reunion. Visitors to Mauritius often carry back home Citadel t-shirts and polo shirts as gifts and for personal use.


Citadel has developed an impressive product range to respond to the demands of different customers across all the markets which it serves. Its high quality t-shirts, polo shirts and other garments are manufactured with carefully chosen fabrics using the best equipment and latest technology. Citadel believes it has a T-Shirt for everyone. It creates designs in diverse categories such as print, embroidery, sequin, strass and foil transfer, Rhinestones and studs.

The Citadel range includes the Dood, Ozone, Heartberry and Souvenir collections. The Dood collection with its prominent and attractive mascot named Dood, is inspired from the dodo. The Citadel product range with its high quality and innovative designs offers value for the whole family.

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