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To share their love of Mauritius, Lily and Emmanuel Tsang Mang Kin, created a collection of quality T-shirts with innovative designs, showcasing the beauty of the island under the Citadel brand name in 1983. These Citadel T-shirts were printed in their garage in Quatre Bornes and distributed to souvenir shops. It was an immediate success not only with the visiting tourists, but also with Mauritians.
Today, Citadel boasts a collection of t-shirts, polo shirts, tops, dresses, baby grows, and other casual garments, decorated with prints, foil, embroidery, strass or sequins, for the whole family at friendly prices.


Citadel is a proud Mauritian Brand with the typical Mauritian personality, friendly and warm as our tropical climate, with an easy going casual style.

Citadel T-Shirts are also being exported to Europe, South Africa and the neighbouring islands of the Indian Ocean. Thanks to the contextualized models for the specific export markets, created by Citadel, Tamak Textile Ltd, the manufacturing arm of the Tamak Group, won the Enterprise Mauritius Gold Exporters Award 2014.

In 2010, Citadel created Dood, a cartoon version of our extinct dodo, to be a friendly Mauritian ambassador.  Citadel has a collection of T shirts, showing Dood enjoying a relaxed life in different places in Mauritius and  always in a  jovial mood, particularly when he is enjoying our local delicacies.

The Citadel franchise for Africa includes the cartoon versions of the Big Five of Africa, like the Giraffe and the Zebra. They all have their individual names but they are known collectively as Doods, Friends of Dood (same pronunciation as dudes).

In 2011, we inaugurated our first Citadel concept store in Bagatelle, with the T-shirts folded as books and kept on shelf behind the counter. Following our success in Bagatelle, Citadel opened another 8 shops in selected locations around Mauritius, namely in Cascavelle, Caudan Waterfront, Grand Baie La Croisettte, Phoenix Mall, Royal Road in Port Louis, Riche Terre Mall, Super U Grand Bay and Trianon Mall.

Our website www.citadel.mu is currently being updated, from an online catalogue to a webstore.

Citadel is pleased to present a 2 minute video by the name of “Citadel Yes Mauritius” available at www.yesmauritius.com .

We feel that, Citadel has captured the essence of Mauritius, explaining the friendliness of our people, our national dishes, our international cultures and our family traditions via Youtube.

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