Dood, the Mauritian Hero

Dood, our emblematic hero, was conceived by Citadel
To be the Mauritian patriot and ambassador, embodying our qualities,
Generosity, Optimism, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence and Tolerance.

Citadel has a collection of T shirts, showing  Dood enjoying a relaxed life in different places in Mauritius, but he is always in the same jovial mood, more particularly when he is enjoying our local dishes.

Dood is the cartoon  version of our extinct dodo. Even his name Dood  is the anagram of the Mauritian dodo.

Like all Mauritians, Dood is bilingual speaking both English and French, but he prefers to express himself in our national creole to convey best his emotions.

DOOD is friendly, easy going and positive,

Dood is so patriotic that he will usually answer you with 

" Ici Tou Korek"("It's Just Perfect here.")

To his very close friends, he would say 

"Life Is Dood "

The popularity of Dood has won him, the post of Ambassador of the Mauritian Red Cross Association. But now he wants to be simply the ambassador of Mauritius.

It is a well known fact that practically all Mauritians are self appointed honorary ambassadors of Mauritius, boasting about our exceptional geographic situations, our multi-cultural society and our institutions.

The combination of these 3 factors make Mauritius and Mauritians, unique.

It should come as no surprise that Our Friendly Mauritius is the best Island in the world.

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