The Citadel Brand

1. The Personality

Citadel is a 100% Mauritian Brand with the typical Mauritian personality;
Friendly and warm as our tropical climate,
Casual and easy going as the islanders of the Indian Ocean.

2. The Design

The essence of Mauritius and the lifestyle of Its inhabitants.
Our cultural diversity through our dishes, customs and artifacts.
Phrases and expressions in our Creole to convey best our feelings

3. The Logo

The logo, Yin, was inspired from Pieter Both Mountain, the Icon of Mauritius.
Citadel, on a white beach, a turquoise sea and a blue sky,
Reinforces the association of Citadel with the island of Mauritius.

4. The Tagline

"Yes Mauritius" tag line has been adopted for our patriotism.
And for the 100% Mauritius origin of Citadel.
Conceived by Mauritians for those who love Mauritius.

5. The Patriot - Dood, Our Hero

Dood, our emblematic hero, was conceived by Citadel
To be the Mauritian patriot and ambassador, embodying our qualities,
Generosity, Optimism, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence and Tolerance.

6. The Gift of Mauritius to V.I.Ps.

The Visitors will love the innovative Mauritius t shirts for their family and friends.
The Islanders of I.O will find the Citadel Cool Collection suited for their life style.
The Patriots can express their feelings with their Citadel Dood Tees.

7. The Garments

Essential wear for the whole family; ladies, men, kids and toddlers.
T-shirts, polos, hoodies, sweaters and shorts for men and boys.
T-Shirts, Tops, dresses, tights for ladies and girls.